Harghita County Days 2019

The Harghita County Days event series has reached its 15th edition. Throughout the programmes of this week the organisers, as always, intend to draw attention to our values: the ones that people living here can be rightly proud of and that are worth visiting by those living in more or less distant places. We wish to present them by attracting attention to the local peculiarities in such a way that we can make the extensive connections obvious.

We are doing it because we take pride in being people of the Ciuc, Gheorgheni and Odorhei regions, but we are similarly proud of living in Harghita County and also of the fact that Transylvania is our broader home. These are the defining elements of our local identity, yet our European ties are equally important to us.

The events of the County Days thus offer a bit of Transylvania, since Seklerland, including Harghita County, its historic regions and their natural resources, its past and its present, its religious and ethnic diversity, its culture and spirit are the quintessence of the past and present of Transylvania, its religious and ethnic diversity as well as its culture and spirit.

Detailed program in the online program booklet.

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