The Cultural Center of Harghita County organizes annual photo camps, mainly in the settlements of the county but also in other parts of the region.
Our camps are intended to immortalize the ethnographic and architectural values, the image of the village that is changing and the everyday lives of the village people.
During a photo camp, 10-12 professional photographers walk along the streets of a village, they get in touch with the inhabitants, and with their consent and often their guidance, the photographers try to take pictures capturing them during their ordinary and festive activities. The invited artists are renowned photographers from Romania and Hungary. The artistic leader of the camps is Gyula Ádám, the photographer of our institution and internationally recognized artist.
Our partners were the Mayor’s Offices and the local non-governamental organizations of the host community.
The material produced in the photo camps is presented in exhibitions and publications.

2018 – Mediaș
2017 – Sândominic
2016 – Crișeni
2015 – Crișeni
2015 – Ciucsângeorgiu
2015 – Cârța
2014 – Remetea
2013 – Mediaș
2012 – Păsăreni
2012 – Merești
2011 – Sibiu
2011 – Merești
2010 – Misentea
2010 – Mădăraș
2010 – Ciumani
2009 – Sândominic
2009 – Jimbor
2009 – Fundul Răcăciuni
2008 – Pustiana
2008 – Lăzărești
2008 – Dănești
2007 – Remetea
2007 – Plăieșii de Jos
2007 – Ocna Sibiu
2007 – Gheorgheni
2007 – Dealu
2007 – Armășeni
2006 – Joseni
2006 – Comuna Cârța
2005 – Atid
2004 – Valea Ghimeșului
2004 – Miercurea Ciuc
2003 – Borsec
2002 – Vărșag

Accredited photography course

The 80-hour accredited photography course includes theory and mostly practice; its target group is both beginners and experienced photographers. The only one condition to participate is to own a camera.

The teachers are professional photographers of national and international reputation: Gyula Ádám, Előd Erdély Bálint, Attila Molnár, Nándor Veres.

The main topics of the course include:

History of photography, history of photography in Transylvania, techniques, genres of photography, event photography, photo shooting in studio with models and object, photo processing with special softwares, image aesthetic analysis.

During the ten years from 2009 until 2018, there were 15 groups with 220 people taking part in the course. The participants gained the basic skills, knowledge and the practice to enter the labor market as photographers.

Some of them have improved in their hobby, now taking photos more consciously and having more satisfaction in it.


Throughout the year we organise several photo exhibitions in this region and in other parts of Transylvania, from the photos realized in the photo camps and also from the rich collection of the institution accumulated in the previous years.