The Cultural Strategy for Harghita County includes recommendations for the 2013–2020 period. The main idea of the strategy is how endogenous cultural resources can be used to promote development.

The documentation is available in Hungarian and in Romanian version.

Within the framework of our annual program entitled “Knowledge management“ we invite the cultural actors of the county to participate in a meeting yearly where we debate current issues in the cultural life of the rural communities.

The Institution regularly organizes or co-organizes cultural consultations, round table conversations and academic conferences, in association with various academic institutions around the region. The main topics include regional development based on cultural facilities, the future of Seklerland, cultural heritage.

Our institution offers methodological support by organizing local programs.

Our colleagues are open to assure consultancy in their professional field for those who would like to organize any kind of cultural, educational or artistic event in their community.

The 80-hour accredited photography course includes theory and mostly practice; its target group is both beginners and experienced photographers. The only one condition to participate is to own a camera.

The teachers are professional photographers of national and international reputation: Gyula Ádám, Előd Erdély Bálint, Attila Molnár, Nándor Veres.

The main topics of the course include:

History of photography, history of photography in Transylvania, techniques, genres of photography, event photography, photo shooting in studio with models and object, photo processing with special softwares, image aesthetic analysis.

During the ten years from 2009 until 2018, there were 15 groups with 220 people taking part in the course. The participants gained the basic skills, knowledge and the practice to enter the labor market as photographers.

Some of them have improved in their hobby, now taking photos more consciously and having more satisfaction in it.

Our Library contains around 2,500 volumes with different topics, such as local history, folk art, plastic art, photography, social science, anthropology, history, art history, communication and others.

Studying the books at the library is free for anyone between 8 am and 4 pm on workdays. We recommend visiting our library to researchers, students and pupils.

Theater plays

The Library contains around 150 theater plays, recommended to amateur theater groups and student theater groups.

The Cultural Center of Harghita County has in its property a professional multi format film scanner Nikon Super CoolScan 9000 ED, which is able to scan more film types: color and black & white negatives, positives in different film formats: 35 mm, 6×6, 6×9, 6×12.

Optical resolution: 4000 dpi

Saving formats: jpg, tif, raw

The scanner is accesible in the library of our institution for anyone interested, researchers, photographers or people who would like to digitalize their film archive or material. In case of digitalizing material for cultural or community purpose, the use of the device is free, under the terms and conditions set down in the partnership agreement.


In the past decades, due to its photo and art camps and projects, our institution has accumulated a rich photo and plastic art collection.

From this collection we can recommend periodic exhibitions on various themes for community events.

Photo exhibitions

The main part of the collection contains etnographic photos, presenting the cultural heritage of this region. The sophisticated artistic works were created in the international Photo Camps, organized since 2002.

In addition to this collection, there are exhibitions on historical topics, archive photographs and the individual exhibitions of Zoltán Nagy P. and Gyula Ádám.

This collection contains 31 exhibition materials with around 1,300 works of various materials and dimensions: black and white as well as color photos, with mount (30×45 cm);  foamboards (50×70 cm, 60×90 cm); prints on forex board, for outdoor and indoor display (50×70 cm,  130×130 cm)

Plastic Art Collection

The plastic art collection of our institution is made up by the works created during the FREE Camp International Art Camps between 2005–2018. In this collection there are around 150 pieces by 97 artists.

For more details, feel free to contact us.

The Passage Gallery is actually the corridor of the Cultural Center of Harghita County, and it is a venue for periodic exchibitions.  This appropriate name was suggested by Zelmira Mátyás, plastic artist.

The Gallery hosts individual or group exhibitions of young artists, in various genres.

The Cultural Center of Harghita County has in its property 20 fair tents for rental.

The dimensions of the tents are: total area 6m2, the dimension of the table is 3×1 m

The price is: 30 ron/day/pc


For rental, please send us a request email to our address

We have a conference room in the basement of our office, where various activities take place including conferences, workshops, talks, concerts, film or book presentations, dance and canto classes, meetings.

The maximum capacity of the room is 70 persons.

Facilities: flipchart, projector, loudspeakers, Wi-Fi

The price is: 50 ron/hour

In case of cultural activities, there is no rent charged.

For rental, please send us a request email to our address


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