27th Carnival Send-off in Harghita County

Csíkszentdomokos (Sândominic) is the host village of the 27th Harghita County Carnival Send-off. At this event organized since 1993, the participants are the folk groups of the Sekler villages, where the tradition of the Carnival Send-off is still living or where it has been renewed.

The folk groups are presenting their traditional carnival play in different parts of the host village and after that, in a few days (on Shrove Tuesday or on Ash Wednesday, depending on the tradition of the region) in their own villages.

The event is also a great opportunity for scientists, folklorists and anthropologists, representing a common ground for research as well.

On Saturday, 2nd of March 2019 the traditional groups are going through the streets of Csíkszentdomokos, then all participants meet in the Schoolyardof “Márton Áron” Primary school.

Participant traditional groups are from: Alsósófalva, Csíkborzsova, Csíkcsicsó, Csíkmenaság, Csíkszentkirály, Csíkszentsimon, Csobotfalva, Gyergyóditró, Gyergyóremete, Gyergyószárhegy, Kászonaltíz, Szentegyháza and Csíkszentdomokos.

You are welcome to take part in the Sekler carnival send-off festival, to taste the traditional food and drinks, and let you go with the flow of the “Farsang” feeling.


Saturday, 2nd of March 2019

10.00 Arrival of the traditional groups
11.00 Opening ceremony at the schoolyard of “Márton Áron”Primary school, Csíkszentdomokos
12.00 Departure of the traditional groups on the defined routs in the village.
12.15 The performance of “Ördögbetlehem” from Szentegyháza in the Festive Hall of the Mayor’s office
16.00 Common dance and “burying the winter” at the schoolyard of “Márton Áron” Primary School, Csíkszentdomokos

The Cultural Center of Harghita County will assure a bus from Miercurea Ciuc to Csíkszentdomokos onthe day of the event. If you would like to join, we invite you to book a place daily between 8–16 hours on the following phone nr. 0040266-372044.Departure from Miercurea Ciuc will be on Saturday, 2 March at 9.30 am from the Csíki Játékszín Theatre and retour departure from Csíkszentdomokos at 5 pm.


Harghita County Council
Cultural Center of Harghita County
Local Council of Csíkszentdomokos
Traditional group of Csíkszentdomokos
“Felcsík” Microregion Association


Csíkszentdomokos Commonage Association
Local community of Csíkszentdomokos
“Márton Áron” Primary School
“Zsigmond Malom” Pension
Volunteer Firefighters Association
Pensioners’ Club of Csíkszentdomokos
Hunting and Fishing Association, Csíkszereda
“Elevenek” Dance group
“Tenyeres-Talpas” Folk Dance group
“Műszaki Vizsga ITP” Csíkszentdomokos
Youth Association of Csíkszentdomokos